icetech rollers - dual purpose print rollers

Icetech's dual purpose rollers allow printers to switch between conventional, hybrid and UV inks without causing roller damage. Specially formulated rubber coatings adapt to the ink being used at the time.

By using compounds that have a wide dynamic range and that can adapt to so many different ink types, means that you can spend more time printing and less time changing print rollers in your presses. In a world where you may find yourself needing to change fast to accommodate the needs of your own customers, time saving can often make the difference that helps you stand out in this market.

Icetech dual purpose print rollers are available to fit presses from Heidelberg, Komori, KBA, MAN Roland, Mitsubishi and Muller Martini as recovered, exchange and new units. Call us now for more information on rollers for your specific model of press.